Laura Boosinger - Music of the Southern Mountains
Feb 23, 2018
 Dance Residency 

"Dance, as with other arts, has existed throughout human history as a way of knowing self, others and the world around us."

-The National Dance Association

The objective of this residency is to give students a greater appreciation for the traditional folk dances which are a part of their cultural heritage. Students develop skills in mind-body coordination, group dynamics and a sense of rhythm which will form the foundation for many years of enjoyment in dance as they mature into adults.

Students will explore a variety of dance forms, including square and circle dances, novelty dances and the European and African dances which influenced American styles.

Techniques found in the traditional singing games of the Southern Mountains and Georgia Sea Islands will evolve into more intricate footwork and partner dances, suited to the students' age and abilities. In addition to the dancing, Laura includes an introduction to several traditional instruments and musical styles along with group singing to make this residency a fully integrated and very enjoyable cultural arts experience for any school.

Artist will provide high quality sound system. Sponsor should provide six foot table, armless chair and access to electrical outlet. The residency will consist of four to five classroom groups for sessions of roughly 45 minutes. A study guide will be provided for educator's use prior to the residency.

Fees: Week Long Dance Residency   $1,000-$2,000
(includes travel expenses)